6 Apr 2018

Fieldwork in Mulu, Borneo

Led by Dr. Nele Meckler (Uni. Bergen, Norway), an international team of speleothem palaeoclimate scientists have just completed nearly three weeks of field work in the rainforest and caves of the Gunung Mulu National Park, Malaysia, Borneo. The team included Dr. Gina Moseley of Innsbruck, as well as Dr. Stacy Carolin who will soon be joining us, plus Prof. Stein-Erik Lauritzen (Uni Bergen, Norway), Shelby Ellis (Georgia Tech, USA), Syria Lejau and Jenny Mallang (Mulu Park Guides), Jimmy (the boatman), and reporter Jan Berndorff and photographer Robbie Shone of GEO magazine, Germany. The team visited a number of cave sites where they were working to better undertsand the modern climate system so that they may improve their understanding of the past climate record. This included collected dripwater samples for chemical analysis, installling temperature, drip rate, and conductivity loggers, and coring mini samples from larger stalagmites for use in pilot dating. This is the start of a multi-year project, and the team hope to return in two years to complete the work and download the data loggers. Fingers crossed they keep running and the home-made metal cages prevent the loggers from being eaten by the cave inhabitants. Follow @muluclimatescience on instagram for further updates.
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