Marc Luetscher

Innsbruck Quaternary Research Group

Research Interests
• High-resolution climate records in speleothems
• Hydrogeology and speleogenesis of karst systems
• Heat and mass transfer in carbonate aquifers
• Palaeoenvironmental outlooks of low altitude cave ice

Short CV
2015 -          Austrian Academy of Scicences, Res. Assoc.
2011-2014    Austrian Academy of Sciences-APART felllow & Univ. Innsbruck (A)
2008-2011    Univ. of Innsbruck (A), Postdoc
2006-2008    Univ. of Bristol (UK), SNF-fellow
2001-2005    Univ. of Zurich (CH), PhD
2000-2006    Swiss Institute for Speleology and Karstology (CH), Scientific collaborator
1995-2000    Univ. of Lausanne (CH), MSc in Earth Sciences

Professional Activities
2010-           Commitee member of the Commission of scientific speleology (ScNat & SSS)
2010-2011    Guest co-editor The Cryosphere, special issue "Ice Caves"
2003-2010    Chair of the comm. of speleology at the Swiss Academy of Sciences (ScNat)
2001-2005    Vice-president of the Swiss Speleological Society

Fellowships and Grants
2014    Austrian Academy of Sciences, Earth System Sciences
2012    University of Innsbruck, Nachwuchsförderung
2011    Austrian Academy of Sciences, APART-fellowship
2011    Inatura, Research Grant (co-pi with C. Spötl)
2010    Würmer-Consortium, Research Grant
2009    Tiroler Wissenschaftsfonds (TWF), Research Grant
2009    Marie Curie Travel grant
2006    Geog. Sciences UoB, Research Incentive Scheme
2006    Soc. Acad. Vaudoise (SAV), Research Grant.
2006    Swiss Acad. of Sci. (ScNat), Publication Grant
2005    Swiss Nat. Sci. Found. (SNF), Fellowship
2002    Councils-VD, Research Grant

Outreach (selected):
research gate:

DerStandard 27/10/2016 ; Geopanorama 1/2016 ; PM Magazin 04/2016 ; National Geographic en Espanol 11/2015; New Scientist 05/2015 ; Die Welt 17/08/2014 ; Geo Magazin 01/2014 

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