Earth surface processes & sediments

Our current landscapes are the result of profound climatically-driven environmental changes that characterize the Quaternary. These climatic upheavels resulted in the production of vast amounts of sediment and profound geomorphological changes. A wealth of information regarding past processes is therefore stored in surface sediments and related landscape features. The principal challenge in reading this archive is establishing its precise chronology. Opened in 2005, our laboratory for optically stimulated luminescence dating allows us to constrain the age of clastic sediments during at least the last glacial cycle. These data in conjunction with various proxy indicators are used to read the complex history of these deposits.
Current projects

Palaeoflood record Hallstätter See

This project led by Stefan Lauterbach will establish a 5000 yr-long calendar of flood events in the Eastern Alps based on new cores taken in Hallstätter See in summer 2016. MORE

The Baumkirchen palaeo-lake

We study an exceptionally thick succession of laminated lake sediments which will provide unprecedented insights into inneralpine climate variability prior to the last ice age. MORE

Quaternary dynamics Riss Valley

Thick sediments in this major valley of the Karwendel Mountains record a history of repeated lake phases between the Last Glacial Maximum and the mid-Holocene. MORE
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