The Baumkirchen palaeo-lake

We study an exceptionally thick succession of laminated lake sediments which will provide unprecedented insights into inneralpine climate variability prior to the last ice age. MORE

Conturines Cave, Dolomites (pilot phase)

Located at 2800 m altitude, this cave is not only known for its cave bear remains but also contains fossil dripstones which tell a story about past climates in the Dolomites. MORE

Holocene climate change in the Alps

The Alps are a hot spot of recent climate change and our goal is to establish a detailed framework of speleothems records for the Eastern Alps to better understand regional differences and forcing mechanisms. MORE

Dansgaard-Oeschger cycles

Speleothems are ideal candidates for investigate millennial-scale climate variability during glacial periods. We have shown that alpine stalagmites faithfully recorded these abrupt shifts. MORE
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