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Stable isotopes of carbonates, DIC, air and water

Our in-house laboratory has a dedicated CF-IRMS for high throughput of carbonate microsamples, water, samples of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), and air.

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Stable isotopes of fluid inclusions

A second CF-IRMS interfaced with a pyrolysis unit and a crushing device allows fluid inclusion water to be analysed for its H and O isotopic composition.

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OSL Laboratory

The laboratory for optically stimulated luminescence dating includes preparation facilities, two Risø Readers one equipped with a single-grain attachment, and in-house facilities for dosimetry measurements.

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Cave Monitoring

We have substantial expertise in setting up and maintaining logging equipment in cave environments and recently developed a stand-alone logging device for carbon dioxide.

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Coring techniques

Dedicated tools for drilling speleothems and for obtaining percussion cores in unconsolidated sediments are available.

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Petrographic microscopy

The starting point of all speleothem studies are macroscopic and microscopic investigations of polished slabs and thin sections, respectively.

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Lamina analysis

We developed software to semi-automically detect and analyse annually laminated sequences in various types of sediments including stalagmites and flowstone.

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We use two Merchantek Micromills to microsample long profiles across speleothem samples at resolutions down to 50 µm for stable isotope analysis.

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