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Seibert Award

Michael Meyer was one of the recipients of this year´s Dr. Otto Seibert award of the University of Innsbruck.

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NALPS record published

A high-quality Alpine palaeoclimate curve of the first half of the last glacial period was published after three years of collaborative research

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Walther E. Petrascheck Award

Michael Unterwurzacher, a former diploma student in our group, received the Walther E. Petrascheck award of the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

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Field work in Death Valley

We recently obtained samples of fossil flowstone which may shed light on the past climate of this hyperarid region.

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Two new studies in JQS

Loess chronostratigraphy and Holocene precipitation are the topics of two recent articles published by our group.

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Special issue on ice caves

Members of our group edited an issue of The Cryosphere dedicated to ice caves.

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New Postdoc in our group

Dr. Gina Moseley joined our group this summer. Gina is an excellent caver and will work on the precise chronology of Dansgaard-Oeschger climate cycles recorded in speleothems.

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Conturines Cave project started

Our team successfully completed a first campaign in this famous cave in the Dolomites.

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