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Alpine Quaternary Workshop

34 scientists, postdocs and PhD students from eight different nations gathered at the University Centre in Obergurgl to discuss and compile climate proxy records from the greater Alpine region for the time window 60 to 8 ka. The meeting provided a unique forum to bring together experts and students from all fields of palaeoclimate research in the Alps and their foreland, including lakes, fluvial systems, caves and glaciers. A mid-conference field trip explored the Rotmoos Valley and post-conference excursions visited the areas of Baumkirchen and Hopfgarten in the Inn Valley.

Meeting organizers: Christoph Spötl, Karin Koinig, Oliver Heiri, Giovanni Monegato
Supported by
INTIMATE (COST action ES0907)
Universität Innsbruck

Photo credit: Renato Colucci (Baumkirchen field trip)