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Climate Change: The Karst Record

Every three years a major conference called Climate Change: The Karst Record is held for researchers working on answering climate change questions from karst environments. The most recent conference, KR8, was held between 21st - 24th May at the Jackson School of Geosciences in Austin, Texas and was attended by four members of our research group. We had a great time meeting new and old colleagues and learning about all the recent developments in our field. In fact, we love this conference so much that we offered to host the next meeting. Our colleagues think that this is a good idea too, hence we are delighted to announce that we will be hosting Climate Change: The Karst Record IX (KR9) in Innsbruck in 2020. To be kept up-to-date with important updates regarding KR9, please email to be added to the mailing list, or visit our website which is currently under construction at

Our Presentations at KR8

Dublyansky, Y.D.; Kadebskaya, O.; Menshikova, E.; Demeny, A.; Spötl, C. Polymineral cryogenic deposits in caves of the Southern Ural, Russia, as tracers of past permafrost

Moseley, Gina E.; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Cheng, Hai; Lu, Yanbin; Spötl, Christoph: Northeast Greenland Caves Project: The potential for constructing speleothem palaeoclimate records for The Arctic.

Spötl, Christoph; Dublyansky, Yuri D.; Moseley, Gina E.; Scholger, Robert; Edwards, R. Lawrence; Woodhead, Jon: Speleothems in Death Valley.

Wendt, K.A.; Dublyansky, Y.D.; Moseley, G.E.; Edwards, R.L.; Spötl, C.: 500,000 years of water table fluctuations recorded in Devils Hole 2 cave from southwest Nevada, USA.