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Ardéche 2019

14 members of our research group (including partners) met in Lyon, visited this charming city at the confluence of Rhône and Saône and then headed for the Ardéche region known for its prehistoric cave sites. Over the course of five days, we explored this amazing karst landscape, hiked around and paddled under the Pont d'Arc before spending a day in the Monts d'Ardèche Geopark on the lookout for outcrops of basaltic columns and waterfalls. The highlights of the trip also comprised a guided visit of the impressive Chauvet replica and a special tour to Aven d'Orgnac led by Stéphane Jaillet, which featured an underground wine tasting session at 11.8 °C.

Many thanks to Charlotte Honiat and Tanguy Racine for superbly organising this week.