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Ultima Patagonia Expedition planning

For more than twenty years the French-Chilean Centre Terre Association has been exploring the limestone islands of Patagonia. Thirty members of Centre Terre met this weekend in Limogne, central France, to plan their next expedition to the island of Madre de Dios. Bernard Tourte, leader of “Ultima Patagonia 2021”, presented the upcoming expedition’s objectives. They include (1) a return to Madre de Dios to continue exploring these amazing karstic landscapes, as well as (2) the construction of a new base camp on the northern fringe of the massif, and (3) parallel explorations of moulins in the calving glaciers of the Southern Patagonian Ice Field. Tanguy and Charlotte will contribute to the scientific programme by studying two palaeoclimate archives, speleothems and ice. The start of the expedition will be in less than a year from now, in January 2021.

Photo Credit: Centre-Terre – Serge Caillault