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Short film about ice caves

Tanguy participated in an IYCK video on alpine ice caves

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Documentary about Eisriesenwelt

The German ARD has produced a TV film featuring some of our research in this large ice cave.

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Short film about speleothems

Christoph and Gabriella participated in an IYCK video on speleothems

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Gina receives Rolex Award for Enterprise

The 2021 Laureates of the prestigious Rolex Award for Enterprise have been announced

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New OSL-based artefact dating method

We present a new way of dating lithic surface artefacts in the latest issue of Science Advances

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New PhD student

We welcome Mansooreh as a new PhD student to our group

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Early Homo sapiens in the Kalahari

We provide the single-grain OSL chronology for a new archaeological key-site in South Africa

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First Greenland speleothem record

A flowstone record from Greenland provides insights into a mild and wet climate prior to the Mid-Brunhes event

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