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Congratulations Charlotte and Tanguy

The 18th International Congress of Speleology was held in the heart of Savoie, on the shores of Lac du Bourget, France, and attended by Charlotte, Tanguy, Gabi and Gina. Charlotte and Tanguy worked incredibly hard all week as volunteers and still had the energy to win several major competitions.

Charlotte won both the Women's Speleo Olympics as well as the Best Poster Award (again!)
Tanguy won the crate stacking challenge with a whopping 22 crates

We also presented some great science and exploration...

Charlotte HONIAT, Stéphane JAILLET, Christoph SPÖTL, Tanguy RACINE, Serge CAILLAULT, François LANDRY, R. Lawrence EDWARDS & Hai CHENG : Prospecting for Last Interglacial speleothems in Vercors 

Gabriella KOLTAI, Christoph SPÖTL, Tanguy RACINE, Charlotte HONIAT, Lukas PLAN & Hai CHENG : Witnesses of former cave glaciation: cryogenic cave carbonates from the Eastern and Southern Alps

Gina E. MOSELEY, Hazel A. BARTON, Christoph SPÖTL, Paul TÖCHTERLE, M. Paul SMITH, Christopher BLAKELEY, Robbie C. SHONE, Peter D. HODKINSON, Mark WRIGHT, Stig E. BJERKENÅS & Hans C. SIVERTSEN : Greenland Caves Project

Tanguy RACINE & Jana ČARGA : Caving in the ‘Hollow Mountain’: exploration of the longest cave system in Slovenia