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Our research group at EGU 2023

Between 24th-28th April, 2023, five members of the Innsbruck Quaternary Reserach Group presented their latest research at the EGU General Assembly in Vienna.
Here is an overview of the presentations.
Anika Donner
Warmer and wetter past interglacials in northeast Greenland recorded in speleothems
Anika Donner, Gina E. Moseley, Werner Kofler, Laurent Marquer, Lena Friedrich, Christoph Spötl, R. Lawrence Edwards
Yuri Dublyansky
Settings of cryogenic cave carbonate formation
Yuri Dublyansky, Christoph Spötl, Gabriella Koltai
Gabriella Koltai
High-resolution stable isotopic and trace element data of cryogenic cave carbonates from an alpine cave: preliminary results
Gabriella Koltai, James U.L. Baldini, Christopher J. Ottley, Alexander A. Iveson, Christoph Spötl
Christoph Spötl
Formation of cryogenic carbonates: experimental validation in a modern ice cave setting
Christoph Spötl, Gabriella Koltai, Yuri Dublyansky, Peter Németh
Paul Wilcox
A 13,500 year speleothem record from southeastern Alaska
Paul Wilcox, Christoph Spötl, Lawrence Edwards, and Jessica Honkonen
Contributions to other talks and posters:
Climate variability from Hot cave (Cyprus) for the last 700 years: implications for speleothem proxies in determining long-term paleoclimate signals
Carole Nehme, Tobias Kluge, Gabriella Koltai, R. Lawrence Edwards, Salih Gucel, Ozge Ozden, Jocelyne Adjizian-Gérard, Christoph Spötl
Speleothem growth and stable carbon isotopes as proxies of last glacial glacier coverage and thermo-dynamical states in the Alps
Vanessa Skiba, Guillaume Jouvet, Christoph Spötl, Jens Fohlmeister
Experimental precipitation of cryogenic calcite and vaterite
Ozioma Carol Uwakwe, Sylvia Riechelmann, René Hoffmann, Christoph Spötl, Anne Jantschke, Adrian Immenhauser
Stable isotope and fluid-inclusion evidence of hydrothermal speleogenesis (Kryštálová cave, Western Carpathians)
Petronela Ševčíková, Yuri Dublyansky, Pavel Herich, Mário Olšavský, Stanislava Milovská, Emma Kluge, Gabriella Koltai, Christoph Spötl