PhD student

Paul Töchterle

Innsbruck Quaternary Research Group

PhD Project
Permafrost response to climate change during the last glacial period

Master thesis
Cryogenic cave carbonates in the Ural Mountains

Short CV
since 2019 PhD position at the Institute of Geology, University of Innsbruck
since 2018 R&D engineer at the Helmholtz Centre (KIT) in Garmisch-Partenkirchen
2015-2018 Master student at the Institute of Geology, University of Innsbruck
2014-2018 Part-time assistant at the stable isotope lab, University of Innsbruck
2012-2015 B.Sc. in Earth Sciences, University of Innsbruck
2008-2012 Freelancing sound engineer
2006-2008 Audio Engineering Diploma, School of Audio Engineering, Munich
1987 Born in Innsbruck

Other interests
Skiing, climbing, hiking



Johnston, V.E., Borsato, A., Frisia, S., Spötl, C., Dublyansky, Y., Töchterle, P., Hellstrom, J.C., Bajo, P., Edwards, R.L., Cheng, H. (2018): Evidence of thermophilisation and elevation-dependent warming during the Last Interglacial in the Italian Alps. – Scientific Reports (Nature), 8:2680, DOI:10.1038/s41598-018-21027-3.

Töchterle, P., Dublyansky, Y., Stöbener, N., Mandíc, M., Spötl, C. (2017): High resolution isotopic monitoring of cave air CO2. – Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 31, 895-900.