Ingeborg Hochmair Professor

Gina Moseley

Innsbruck Quaternary Research Group

Full CV available here

Research Interests
•  Mid-late Quaternary interglacial climates in Central Europe and Greenland
•  Glacial-interglacial transitions
•  The Devils Hole palaeoclimate enigma
•  Rapid climate change during the last ice-age cycle
•  Mid to Late Quaternary sea level change
•  The age of paleolithic cave art in the Urals
•  Speleothems
•  U-Th dating
•  Science communication

Short CV
2018-2023 Ingeborg Hochmair Professor
2015-2018 FWF Hertha Firnberg Fellow, University of Innsbruck
2011-2015 Post-doctoral research, University of Innsbruck
2009-2011 Post-doctoral research, University of Manchester
2005-2009 Ph.D. University of Bristol

Professional Activities
2015-British Cave Research Association Cave Science Symposium Lecture Secretary
2011-BBS Speleological Abstracts UK Co-ordinator
2010-Hurricane Project Collaborator, Durham University
2010-2014 British Cave Research Association Council Member

2018 FWF Start Prize
2018 Captain Scott Society Spirit of Adventure Award
2018 Hypo Tiro Research Prize
2016 City of Innsbruck 2016 Prize for Scientific Research
2015 Dr. Otto Seibert Wissenschafts-Förderungspreis
2009 British Cave Research Association, Young Cave Researcher of the Year Award
2008 Best Presentation: Quaternary Research Association, Postgraduate Symposium, Liverpool, UK

Selected Grants
2018 FWF Start Prize
2015 FWF Hertha-Firnberg Fellowship
2015 Austrian Science Foundation
2015 Comer Family Foundation
2015 National Geographic Society
2014 Petzl Foundation
2014 Transglobe Expedition Trust
2014 University Innsbruck Nachwuchsförderung

Science Communication

Ancient Caves IMAX film

Greenland Caves Project
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Newspapers – Der Standard; Buxton Advertiser; Northwich Guardian; Cannock Chronicle; Express & Star

Geology team cores into the past (2014)
Promotional youtube film. (

Relative sea-level change in the Yucatan Peninsula, Mexico, derived from growth of stalagmites (2013)
Frostbyte for Climate and Cryosphere Project. (

Becoming a paleo-geochronologist (2016)
Presentation to 14-18 year old students about my route from leaving school to where I am now




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