Affiliated researcher

Paul Wilcox

Innsbruck Quaternary Research Group

Research Interests

Reconstructing past environments
Abrupt climate fluctuations
Cave-based research
Arctic and Alpine

Short CV
2017- 2023 Post-doctoral research, University of Innsbruck
2013-2017 PhD University of Alaska Fairbanks
2011-2013 MSc University of Cincinnati
2006-2010 BS Middle Tennessee State University



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Medford, A.K., Hall, B.L., Lowell, T.V., Kelly, M.A., Levy, L.B., Wilcox, P.S., Axford, Y. (2021): Holocene glacial history of Renland Ice Cap, East Greenland, reconstructed from lake sediments. - Quaternary Science Reviews, 258,


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