Paul Wilcox

Innsbruck Quaternary Research Group

Research Interests

Quaternary Research
Reconstructing past climate using a muti-proxy approach
Cave-based research

Short CV
2017- Post-doctoral research, University of Innsbruck
2013-2017 PhD University of Alaska Fairbanks, 60,000 year climate and vegetation reconstruction in Southeast Alaska
2011-2013 MSc University of Cincinnati
2006-2010 BS Middle Tennessee State University




Wilcox, P., Addison, J., Fowell, S., Baichtal, J., Severin, K., & Mann, D. (2019). A new set of basaltic tephras from Southeast Alaska represent key stratigraphic markers for the late Pleistocene. - Quaternary Research, 92(1), 246-256.

Wilcox, P.S., Dorale, J.A., Baichtal, J., Spötl, C., Fowell, S.J., Edwards, R.L., Kovarik, J.L. (2019): Millennial-scale glacial climate variability in Southeastern Alaska follows Dansgaard-Oeschger cyclicity. – Scientific Reports, 9:7880,