Ph.D. student

Mojgan Soleimani

Innsbruck Quaternary Research Group

PhD Project
Palaeoclimate from Iranian speleothems

Research interests

Understanding past Earth surface conditions using speleothems and ice deposits as archives of the past. The current research is focused on the climate reconstruction during the Last Glacial Maximum .


Short CV

2018-2023  PhD student in Earth Sciences, University of Innsbruck, Austria

2013-2015 Master of Science in Hydrogeology, Kharazmi University of Tehran, Iran

2008-2012 Bachelor of Science in Geology, University of Isfahan, Iran


Grants and Scholarships

2019- University-funded PhD position at the Institute of Geology, University of Innsbruck
2018-2019 Doktoratsstipendium aus der Nachwuchsförderung, University of Innsbruck

2013 MSc stipend from the Ministry of Science of Iran

2008 BSc stipend from the Ministry of Science of Iran


Professional and community involvement

Member of Iranian Caving Society

Former member of the national swimming team and swimming super league of Iran

Former head of international affairs of the canyoning committee of the Iran Climbing Federation

Member of the Red Crescent of Iran



Soleimani, M., Nadimi, A., Koltai, G., Dublyansky, Y., Carolin, S., Spötl, C. (2023): Stalagmite evidence of Last Glacial Maximum to early Holocene climate variability in southwestern Iran. – Journal of Quaternary Science, 38, 308-318.

Soleymani, M., Ford, D.C., Nakhaei, M. & Nadimi, A. (2017): Ice caves of Iran. - in Perșoiu, A., Lauritzen, S.-E. (Eds.). Ice Caves, 425-436, Amsterdam, Elsevier.

Soleymani, M., Ford, D.C., Nakhaei M. & Nadimi, A. (2017): Ice Caves in Iran. - 25th International Karstological School. Postojna, Slovenia.

Soleymani, M., Nadimi, A. & Sani, M. (2017): Dosar Cave, a giant cave chamber in the desert of Central Iran. - Proceedings of the 25th International Karstological School. Postojna, Slovenia.

Soleymani, M., Nadimi, A. & Nakhaei, M. (2016): An investigation on the role of tectonics in the formation of Yakh-Morad Cave in the Central Alborz Zone, Karaj. - Proceedings of the 2nd International Geoscience Congress, Teheran.

Soleymani, M., Nakhaei, A. & Nadimi, A. (2016): Hydrogeology and morphology of Yakhmorad Cave. - Proceedings of the 2nd International Geoscience Conference, Teheran