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Publications 2022


Pisani, L., Koltai, G., Dublyansky, Y., Kleine, B.I., Whitehouse, M., Scrzypek, E., Carbone, C., Spötl, C., Antonellini, M., Bezerra, F.H., De Waele, J. (2022): Hydrothermal silicification and hypogene dissolution of an exhumed Neoproterozoic carbonate sequence in Brazil: Insights from fluid inclusion microthermometry and silicon-oxygen isotopes. – Basin Research, doi: 10.1111/bre.12748.

Deininger, M., Ufrecht, W., Nowaczyk, N., Spötl, C., Scholz, D. (2022): Ein Sinter-Klimaarchiv für das Pleistozän Südwestdeutschlands: Die Karls- und Bärenhöhle bei Erpfingen/Schwäbische Alb. – Laichinger Höhlenfreund, 57, 61-82.

Hu, H.-M., Trouet, V., Spötl, C., Tsai, H.-C., Chien, W.-Y., Sung, W.-H., Michel, V., Yu, J.-Y., Valensi, P., Jiang, X., Duan, F., Wang, Y., Mii, H.-S., Chou, Y.-M., Lone, M.A., Wu, C.-C., Starnini, E., Zunino, M., Watanabe, T.K., Watanabe, T., Hsu, H.-H., Moor, G.W.K., Zanchetta, G., Pérez-Mejías, C., Lee, S.-Y., Shen, C.-C. (2022): Tracking westerly wind directions over Europe since the middle Holocene. – Nature Communications, 13:7866, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-34952-9.

Pfeiffer, J., Rutzinger, M., Spötl, C. (2022): Terrestrial laser scanning for 3D mapping of an alpine ice cave. – Photogrammetric Record, DOI: 10.1111/phor.12437.

Soleimani, M., Nadimi, A., Koltai, G., Dublyansky, Y., Carolin, S., Spötl, C. (2022): Stalagmite evidence of Last Glacial Maximum to early Holocene climate variability in southwestern Iran. – Journal of Quaternary Science, DOI: 10.1002/jqs.3478.

Dong, X., Kathayat, G., Rasmussen, S.O.,  Svensson, A., Severinghaus, J., Li, H., Sinha, A., Yao, X.,. Zhang, H., Shi, Z., Cai, Y., Pérez-Mejías, C., Baker, J., Zhao, J., Spötl, C., Columbu, A., Ning, Y., Stríkis, N., Chen, S., Wang, X., Gupta, A.K., Dutt, S., Zhang, F., Cruz, F., An, Z., Edwards, R.L., Cheng, H. (2022): Coupled atmosphere-ice-ocean dynamics during Heinrich Stadial 2. – Nature Communications, 13: 5867, doi: 10.1038/s41467-022-33583-4.

Németh, P., Töchterle, P., Dublyansky, Y., Stalder, R., Molnár, Z., Klébert, S., Spötl, C. (2022): Tracing structural relicts of the ikaite-to-calcite transformation in cryogenic cave glendonite. – American Mineralogist, 107, 1960-1967.

Perrin, C., Honiat, C., Prestimonaco, L. (2022): Deciphering paleohydrology from the petrography and microstratigraphy of stalagmites (MIS 5 – Holocene, Moulis Cave, Ariège, S. France). - Sedimentary Geology, 440, 106256, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.sedgeo.2022.106256.

Kathayat, G., Sinha, A., Breitenbach, S.F.M., Tan, L., Spötl, C., Li, H., Dong, X., Zhang, H., Ning, Y., Allan, R.J., Damodaran, V., Edwards, R.L., Cheng, H. (2022): Protracted Indian monsoon droughts of the past millennium and their societal impacts. – PNAS, 119, e2207487119.

Plan, L., Buchegger, G.,  Kaminsky, E., Koltai, G., Racine, T., Szczygieł, J. (2022):  Flow regime evolution of a major cave system in the Eastern Alps (Hirlatzhöhle, Dachstein). - International Journal of Speleology, 51, 181-191.

Töchterle, P., Steidle, S.D., Edwards, R.L., Dublyansky, Y., Spötl, C., Li, X., Gunn, J., Moseley, G.E. (2022): 230Th/U isochron dating of cryogenic cave carbonates. – Geochronology, 4, 617-627.

Lauterbach, S., Strasser, M., Kowarik, K., Reschreiter, H., Mandl, G.W., Spötl, C., Plessen, B., Brauer, A. (2022): Large-scale mass movements recorded in the sediments of Lake Hallstatt (Austria) – evidence for recurrent natural hazards at a UNESCO World Heritage site. – Journal of Quaternary Science, DOI: 10.1002/jqs.3472.

Hu, H.-M., Shen, C.-C., Chiang, J.C.H., Trouet, V., Michel, V., Tsai, H.-C., Valensi, P., Spötl, C., Starnini, E., Zunino, M., Chien, W.-Y., Sung, W.-H., Chien, Y.-T., Chang, P., Korty, R. (2022): Split westerlies over Europe in the early Little Ice Age. – Nature Communications, 13:4898, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-022-32654-w.


Columbu, A., Spötl, C., Fohlmeister, J., Hu, H.-M., Chiarini, V, Hellstrom, J., Cheng, H., Shen, C.-C., De Waele, J. (2022): Central Mediterranean rainfall varied with high northern latitude temperatures during the last deglaciation. – Communications Earth & Environment, 3:181, https://doi.org/10.1038/s43247-022-00509-3.

Wind, M., Obleitner, F., Racine, T. & Spötl, C. (2022): Multi-annual temperature evolution and implications for cave ice development in a sag-type ice cave in the Austrian Alps. – The Cryosphere, 16, 3163-3179.

Racine, T., Reimer, P.J. & Spötl, C. (2022): Multi‐centennial mass balance of perennial ice deposits in Alpine caves mirrors the evolution of glaciers during the Late Holocene. – Scientific Reports, 12:11374, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-15516-9.

Pfeiffer, J., Zieher, T., Schmieder, J., Bogaard, T., Rutzinger, M. & Spötl, C. (2022): Spatial assessment of probable recharge areas – Investigating the hydrogeological controls of an active deep-seated gravitational slope deformation. – Natural Hazards and Earth System Sciences, 22, 2219-2237.

Riechelmann, S., Spötl, C., Immenhauser, A. (2022): Time series of d26Mg variability in precipitation of north-west Germany. – Depositional Record, 8, 457-471.


Temovski, L.R., Futó, I., Molnár, K., Túri, M., Demény, A., Otoničar, B,, Dublyansky, Y., Audra, P., Polyak, V., Asmerom, Y.,  Palcsu, L. (2022): Combined use of conventional and clumped carbonate stable isotopes to identify hydrothermal isotopic alteration in cave walls. - Scientific Reports, 12:9202, https://doi.org/10.1038/s41598-022-12929-4.

Honiat, C., Festi, D., Wilcox, P., Edwards, R.L., Cheng, H., Spötl, C. (2022): Early Last Interglacial environmental changes recorded by speleothems from Katerloch (south-east Austria). – Journal of Quaternary Science, 37, 665-676.

Smith, P., Moseley, G.E. (2022): The karst and palaeokarst of North and North-East Greenland – physical records of cryptic geological intervals. - GEUS Bulletin, 49. DOI:10.34194/geusb.v49.8298

Racine, T., Spötl, C., Reimer, P., Čarga, J. (2022): Radiocarbon constraints on periods of positive cave ice mass balance during the last millennium, Julian Alps (NW Slovenia). – Radiocarbon, DOI:10.1017/RDC.2022.26.

Columbu, A., Nannoni, A., Grasso, N., Paolo, D., Fiorucci, A., Vigna, B., Bertagni, M.B., Camporeale, C., Forti, P., De Waele, J. & Spötl, C. (2022): Genesis of wavy flowstones (Bossea Cave, North Italy) and hydroclimate significance. – Catena, 214, 106294, https://doi.org/10.1016/j.catena.2022.106294.

Fuhrmann, S., Meyer, M., Obleitner, F, & Gliganic, L. (2022): Testing the effects of aspect and total insolation on luminescence depth profiles for rock surface exposure dating.- Radiation Measurements, 153: 106732. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.radmeas.2022.106732

Warken, S.F., Kuchalski, L., Schröder-Ritzrau, A., Vieten, R., Schmidt, M., Hoepker, S., Hartland, A., Spötl, C., Scholz, D., Frank, N. (2022): The impact of seasonal and event-based infiltration on transition metals (Cu, Ni, Co) in tropical cave drip water. - Rapid Communications in Mass Spectrometry, 2022;36:e9278, DOI: 10.1002/rcm.9278.

Ilyashuk, E.A., Ilyashuk, B.P., Heiri, O., Spötl, C. (2022): Summer temperatures and environmental dynamics during the Middle Würmian (MIS 3) in the Eastern Alps: Multi-proxy records from the Unterangerberg palaeolake, Austria. – Quaternary Science Advances, 6, 10050, doi.org/10.1016/j.qsa.2022.100050