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Palaeoclimate of Crimea

Crimea is a peninsula surrounded by vast expanses of water of the Black Sea and Sea of Azov. Speleothems form Crimean caves have a high potential of providing valuable information on the palaeoclimate of the Black Sea region. Preparatory work for this project was laid out in 2009-2018, partly under the FWF project “Isotopes in Holocene precipitation from the Atlantic to Siberia: the speleothem record” (P25716-N19). Over this period, we collected speleothems and initiated systematic sampling for isotope analysis of precipitation at several stations.
The project Palaeoclimate of Crimea was started in September 2022. PhD student Yidong Li, funded by the Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC), started working on samples from Crimea, with the aim of establishing a replicated and precisely dated stacked stalagmite record covering the period from Holocene to the Last Interglacial. Emphasis will be placed on the regional hydroclimate and the hydrological environments in Crimea during the Holocene and MIS 3.

CSC Project-Number: 202206990005
PhD student: Yidong Li
Supervisors: Yuri Dublyansky, Christoph Spötl
Partners: Hai Cheng (Xi'an Jiaotong University), Wolfgang Müller (Frankfurt University)
Duration: 2022-2026