18 Jul 2016

Meltwater disturbed climate

10 ka ago, a huge ice sheet melted in North America, in the same way that the ice in Greenland is melting today. Its meltwater had a massive impact on the climate in Europe and NW Africa. MORE
5 Jul 2016

Climate at Nero´s time in a nutshell

In this collaborative study we examined laminated travertine carbonates which preserve annually resolved climate and hydrology information covering the complete reign of Emperor Nero. MORE
29 Jun 2016

640,000 years of Asian Monsoon history

An international team presented a unique long-term record of Asian summer monsoon variability based on speleothems which allows to address some fundamental issues about the climate system. MORE
25 Jun 2016

Drilling on Lake Hallstatt

A joint team from the GeoForschungsZentrum Potsdam and the University of Innsbruck completed a challenging coring campaign on Lake Hallstatt. MORE
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