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Alpine ice cave research

Bärenloch Eishöhle near Eisenerz is a sag-type cave which contains a thick and well-stratified firn-ice succession. Preliminary data suggest that the lower part of this ice is between about 800 and 400 years old. This time we managed to access even deeper strata which are rich in organic remains and sampled them for radiocarbon dating and stable isotopes.
We also visited parts of Schwarzmooskogel Höhlensystem, a 135 km-long system in the western part of Totes Gebirge, which contains large accumulations of congelation ice.
Tanguy Racine, Mojgan Soleimani and Christoph Spötl were accompanied by caving colleague Andreas Treyer (and Harald Auer and Erwin Schweitzer at Bärenloch Eishöhle).