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Fieldwork Namibia 2023

Our team worked mostly in caves of the Otavi Mountains, a major karst region in Northern Namibia. We studied the origin of these caves formed in late Precambrian carbonate rocks and examined the complex sediment fill which comprises clastic and chemical sediments as well as intervening episodes of erosion.
This research was carried out with a permit issued by the National Commission on Research, Science and Technology of Namibia and was part of a larger speleological expedition organised jointly between the caving club in Bad Mitterndorf and the Quaternary Research Group. Two other teams explored caves in the Kaokoveld area of NW Namibia and surveyed a total of 14 news caves with a total length of 1.4 km.
This reseach was funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, the Fédération de Spéléologie Européenne (F.S.E. - Europe), and the Integrated Rural Development and Nature Conservation (IRDNC - Namibia).