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MIS 11 Workshop

Anika and Gina presented the latest research on Marine Isotope Stage 11 at a Past Global Changes (Pages) Quaternary Interglacials (QUIGS) Workshop. The invite-only meeting was held in Grenoble, France, and covered topics of:

(i) is high atmospheric CO2 concentration at the beginning of MIS 11 compatible with large residual ice sheets persisting in the Northern Hemisphere?; or 
(ii) is high CO2 concentration by itself enough to melt northern ice sheets, despite the weak insolation forcing and a weak AMOC?

In addition to:
Why is there no significant reduction in CO2 or sea level in the first insolation minimum?
What was the character of the responses of temperature and the hydrological cycle during MIS 11c?
What was the character of abrupt climate variability during MIS 11c?
How special is MIS 11 in the context of the interglacials of the past 800 kyr?